I sound dull when i talk to several users but not with single user

The problem with me is that with Teamspeak 3 I have difficulty speaking to several people at the same time without my voice sounding somehow dull or others having to go into a single channel with me in order for it to work properly.
I mentioned the problem to the support team in Krün, but have not yet received an answer from there.
I also have a relatively new cell phone and am mostly on German Teamspeak servers.

There shouldn’t be any difference when you are in a room with single or multiple users.

My guess because you gave zero details about anything else like client version or server or ping or , packet loss or operation system etc.:

  • What could be is that your ping or packet loss is to high or your sound device is under load.

  • Please do not post in other topics when your topic is not related.
  • Please do post in TS3 section when your issue is about TS3 client
  • The ticket system is only for critical bugs and yours does not sound like any bug at all.
    You will get a reply that sends you to this forum.

The problem is a little bad.

This is nothing that gives us any more requested details. Please give us more details.

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I use Android 11 und my Client Vision is 3.3.8. Im in the beta program.
I have a Samsung Galaxy A21s.

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