I´ve some Questions about Addon programming

1.I should paste the finished Plugin in the Plugin Folder in the TeamSpeak 3 Client Folder …right? I dont find this Folder
2.Can i delete Everything from the Test Plugin or is there something fundamentlly in this file wich is needed by every Plugin?



This folder is located in the AppData directory. You can type %APPDATA% in the Windows search bar and search for a folder called something like TS3Client. In there you can find the plugins folder where you have to place your dll.

Theoretically you can delete everything but I would not recommend when you are a starter. The plugin.c and plugin.h files are well commented and tell you which parts are required for the plugin to get loaded and which are only optional. The only thing you can delete without the plugin breaking are the contents inside the icons folder.

If you have more questions feel free to message me.

IMO you should not delete anything in the header file.
The icons and function content can safely be removed.
Just make sure to return e.g. 0 for int functions you do not comment out.
Yes the examples are great especially for beginners but for this you can just keep the repo open.
(In the release zip there is also the documentation which is really great)