I want to block Country IPs but not for accounting

Hello, I want to country block my server with IPTables. When I do this, I think my server cannot connect to the license ip address and so my teamspeak server restarts itself after a while. Which ip addresses should I allow or which ports should I open for the Teamspeak license system?

Here is a Guide which ports is TeamSpeak using:

Honestly, I didn’t understand much here. How should I allow which ones for the licensing system?

The ones mentioned as accounting.

But as also mentioned in the FAQ the IP can change. So you need to make sure you check and update your list.



Are you talking about these? If I add them to the host file of my virtual server, will the problem be solved?
Or do I have to allow these ip addresses over iptables?

For full functionality these 4 should be allowed.

When you use IP Tables to block then you have to use IP Tables to not block these.


Do you know the command to allow these addresses on iptables?

The IP can differ from my and your request to the domain. This is Cloudflare and not under our control.

Ps blocking a country and learning how to do it is not a TeamSpeak topic. If you do not know how to do it then please use your favorite search engine to archive a result.