I want to switch back to TS3 from TS5


I have problem with switching back from TS5 to TS3. I want to switch back on TS3 from TS5. I will not come back respectively icons, ranks, etc. I have not TS3 in TS3 since I signed up for TS5. I am logged in normally on my myTeamSpeak account and I have autmatic snychronization turned on, but to switch back, the icons, ranks, etc. only hit me on TS5, not TS3, so I want to ask you how to fix it.

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Are you using the same identity on both clients? Please check it first as this might resolve a problem.

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Yes same identity

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That’s… weird :confused: Normally when you use TS3, switch to TS5 and then switch back it automatically gives you your permissions.

Could you post pictures of TS3’s connect window, bookmarks (if you have any), Identities options and TS5’s bookmarks (same as above) and Identities options?

The only thing I have in my mind rn is that you’re not using the same identity when connecting to server, that’s why I ask you to post these pics.

Also, if you think it’s necessary, you can censor these as long as required info will be available.

Regards and sorry if my advice will not work.

100% that you use a different identity, check it again !

And my TS3 client saying me this :confused:I have updated client Screenshot_11

its ok, this shown all users.

ok, in ts3 click on go advanced button and check local identityes .
check in both client make sure the identities are the same.

oh and one more thing the uid is public :smiley: anyone can see on the server , don’t necessary to hide it :slight_smile:

In local identities is nothing :confused:

Identities are same

Okey, I will try to logout and login again after. Thank for you Tips guys.