Icon in TS3 and TS5Beta

hello community

I wanted to know how to fix the icon in TeamSpeak5…my icon in TeamSpeak3 is perfect but when I open TS5 the icon loses quality and looks ugly…anyone help?

In what way does it change the quality?
Do you have an example (via screenshot)?

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look at the difference


Personally i had this issue between the ts3 computer client and the mobile one.
The fix i found and actually do it with all my icons i do upload them with 32x32 analysis instead of the 16x16 we all know.

I tried that and it didn’t work :frowning: if I send you the icon, can you edit it for me? pls

Do you have the icon in that size? Send me the image, i will see what i can do.

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Can you give a try with this one?
9359fd2a-f1fe-46ac-a144-933804082756 (Custom)

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thx for all improved but still blurry

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Yea, it’s a bit blurry from the image you gave me. But it was the best i could do with that.

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There is an app that you can resize any image you want and it’s really simple to use.

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ok friend thx very much