Icon size permission

So I’m trying to upload icons 16x16 png format but it says they are too big in size (limit would be 8x8 I believe). I remember there was a setting in server group permission to increase the size but can’t find it now. How can I solve this issue thanks

what you need is i_max_icon_filesize
I suggest you use a higher resolution :slight_smile:
exemple: we use 64x64 , but there are those who use even higher resolutions.
the point is that 64x64 resolution looks nice and sharp on each platform :slight_smile:
(or use svg)

Where can i find i_max_icon_filesize?

I know in the older version you could change it through server group permissions tab, now I can’t find it.

It’s still there when advanced permissions are enabled in client. Just enter it into the filter when you do not see permission names.