Icons in general

So i really like the new Teamspeak and i really really like that it is a drop in replacement to ts3 but i really dont like the icons. Especially the channel icons that indicate wheter the channel has a password or not.
First problem i didnt even realize what these icons were until i looked closer that they are boxes with a lock.

Second take a look at the screenshot. Talk #1 is not protected and has no user limit. Talk #2 has just a password and no user limit. Talk #3 has a password and a user limit and i cant tell if it has a user limit or not until i click on it and look at the details on the right. Also its user limit is set to 0 so the channel is full and i couldnt tell until i look at the details.

Also its really hard to understand the icons my monitor is 24" and i still have trouble to find the microphone and headphones icon. I mean i will propably get used to it very quickly but it still could be overwhelming to new users.

My suggestion to all these problems:
Make the icons minimalistic and flatter. E.g. Channel icons can be just a flat piece instead of the 3d cube. Like this: Unbenannt these icons look fantastic in my opinion.