Icons not found after upload

Hi, I have a problem. I have icons on my server that only I can see and other people can’t. When I try to upload and give upload, they are uploaded, but after reloading they are no longer there.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

I uploaded it now → https://ctrlv.cz/O99k
Now I put a reaload and it’s not there anymore → https://ctrlv.cz/H8j4

And as I wrote, the worst part is that other people don’t see the icons.

Do other users get error messages?

Sorry, fix, it says to players: <15:01:27> “Enjoy” server group icon not found.

You must have got an error in client while uploading OR the server can’t write or read files.

First issue is mostly that ports aren’t forwarded to right IP.

Second issue is that the user who runs the server got no permissions to write files/folder or to read these folder. In that case the owner of the server must check the permissions in the operation system for that user.


Thank you very much for the answer, but can you please advise me how to do it?

Go into your firewall or operation system or ask your host to open port for filetransfer on your server IP.

Same counts for the user on the operation system.

Please read the manual of your firewall / operation system or search on the web how to change permissions and open ports on your system / firewall.

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I’m sorry, but I still don’t know what to do.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the advice

You must open the port for filetransfer or change the permissions on the operation system.
When you host a server then you should bring at least a bit knowledge to the operation system or be able to find out how to use it.

If the server is rented you must contact your host to do this.

Besides of that we do not know what error you have at all (see my first reply of guessing what error you could have here).

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