Icons (Server/Channel)

Are there any information available about the new maximum size of Server-, Channel or Groupicons?

I’d like to prepare my old icons before the feature is added to the new client.

@Adam or @TS.ChrisR maybe? :slight_smile:



u can change the max size anytime :smiley:
just edit the i_max_icon_filesize permission.
if you think the resolution for example we use 64x64 png , i think its very sharp on all platform, ts3, ts5, mobile.

Well, this thread was created back in Januar 2020. :joy:

I’m aware of this setting, in fact you’re right to assume I meant resolution instead.

Back then I got confused by TS5 due to its hexagonal shaped server- and channelicons. Normal icons still look weird though.

I would suggest svg instead. It gets the needed size automatically on any platform :wink:

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but png icons works on ios xDDDD

uhh, never had an ios/os x device. So you 're telling me that svg doesn’t work on these platforms?

yes, as i said :smiley: i saw users feedback :smiley:

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