Idle time kick

as you can see i changed max idle time to -1 seconds so that there is infinite time to be kicked
but it seems not to work

I cannot confirm this.
I set the rights (like on your picture), but after ~30 minutes there is still no reaction, so I didn’t get a kick for inactivity.

How long does it take until users are kicked from your server for idle time if you set it to -1 seconds?

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You need to specify what you’ve done a little bit.

Are there any other group having a max_idle_time or is this the guest group?
Are you just trying to grant an inifite idle time to any specific group which you can assign to a client?
(since you used the negate it will overwrite other server groups, not channel groups)

Why did you select a value for it, just tried to negate and skip the permission without any value (not 0, not -1)?

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it has been fixed the problem was that i was in server groups all the time and thought that server group idle times are those that led them to the kick but it was channel rights

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