If I make someone and administrator will they be a "lesser" admin?


I am a bit new to TS and have just got my server from a server hosting provider. I used my token and am a server administrator. If I understood correctly I can make some other people admins as well. If I do so would they be lower rank admins and I would be able to demote them since I am the one who pays the money for provider?

Thank you in advance.

You can fully customize the Server Groups on your Server. If I remember correctly he could demote you if you grant him Server Admin.

But you can create a different Admin Group for other people and adjust the i_group_member_remove_power i_group_member_add_power i_group_modify_power to be lower than your Admin Group

Or you can create a copy of the Normal Group and just add step by step the permission he needs to do what he needs to do.


ok thank you very much for the quick reply!

Hi Sorry to bother you again. Today I did a test with myself from the phone (let us call it phone_user). When I added my phone_user to the Admins server group I was able to remove it afterward. Am I missing something?

Therefore the i_group_member_needed_remove_power has to have a higher value than the i_group_member_remove_power .

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So far I have been unable to use the server query be it via putty or yataka, both fail to connect even though I followed the instructions in the threads about that. So I have no clue about those values for power and don’t even know how to check them in the client itself. But thanks for the insight, at least the variables you mentioned give an idea on how things work in the background.

Also there is one thing I found awkward, is that I don’t get a confirmation pop when promoting someone to admin. Nothing like “are you sure …”. So basically one can accidentally promote people to the wrong class…

You don’t really need query for editing permissions. Make sure to use the advanced permisson system in TS3 (needs to be activated in client settings) or you could simply use the permission system in TS5 for it.

Well, normally it’s not that easy to add groups by accident. A popup for confirmation is more awkward, because especially for big servers this would be way too inconvenient.

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Thank you very much!

There is a server group called Server Admin by default. If I remove it I still remain an Admin right thanks to the privilege key?

No the privilege key is NO longer valid. It only granted you the group with these permissions. Personally I would just leave the admin group for yourself.

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Alright. Thanks a lot!