I'm having trouble with permission

I touched something on the server admin permission, and now i can add no more those permission

Can you guys help me resolve and understanding what i did wrong?

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You Removed or set the the Grant Value to 0 and this means you won’t be able to touch that permission at all.
You now have to fix this with another group or with the ServerQuery / WebQuery.

I just did recreate a thread for this

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Oh ty, just one more think i don’t quite understand what block me to restoring the GRANT power to 75. What permission decide when and up to how much you can modify the grant value???
I would have search something on the forum, but all the old forum discussion got deleted :frowning:


when you make the “i_group_needed…”, than can other give oneself e.g. Server-Admin.

You must take in the “i_group_needed…” permisson to 75.

On the right (The last), that’s the permission, that you can change the Permission to change the Rights in the Groups. That must be on “75”.

Let me rephase better: what i don’t understand is:

  1. if actually for modifing a permission i need a modify permission grater than the grant value, why 0 means i can’t modify it no more…?
  2. I notice that if a put my GRANT value to 0 on all other server group, then i can restore it back to 75, but if i do it on the Server Admin server group i can’t restore it no more


  1. when you take in the Modify Permisson, the Permisson to “75” (Your Group), you can modify Groups…, when you take it on “0”, than you can Modify nothing more…

You can must in the needed Permissons, the Permission to “75”, than can you Modify other Groups…

“0” means, that you can’t edit Servergroups. E.g. when you edit a another Servergroup you can take this way…

  1. When you take the Permission (Normal and Needed) to “75” and the Grant to “0”, you can edit other Servergroups, but not yours (Server-Admin)! You must take the Grant-Permission to “75”, than can you edit “Server-Admin”!

If you don’t understand that, I can change that for you.

Send the Adress just in here.