I'm not able to join server I want to


I bought yesterday teamspeak for my iPad (so I’m working on iOS) and I was trying to connect to the server I wanted to but i couldn’t.
I even have created account and this is what was showing every single time.

For example I can join an official teamspeak server…
I’m looking for a solution step by step :wink:

Thanks in advance!

As said in this ”error”, you need to improve your Security Level to at least 15. I’m not sure how to do this on mobile, but on desktop you go to Options > Security > Manage Identities. In there you click ”Show Advanced” and there it is.

It will be good to synchronize your Identities via myTeamSpeak, so login on both devices to the same account and enable ”Automatic Synchronization”.

To improve security level on mobile, go into Identities, tap on active Indentity and tap Improve. In next window type at least 15 and tap Start. Then wait till it’s done.

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Thanks for an answer

I know also how to change security level on my computer, but while trying to do it on my mobile teamspeak, however i try, I can’t.

Clicking on ‘security level’ makes nothing.
Is there a way to change my security level on the account that I’m logged in on my mobile teamspeak by my computer? Because I don’t even know how to log in to same account I’m on iPad on my computer…
Am I stupid? :smiley:

Btw. sorry for every single mistake I’ve wrote, my english isn’t the best :pp

I’ve figured it out!
I mean maybe you have told me how to do this and I didn’t understand you, anyway.

I logged in to myTeamSpeak account (acc that I’m working on mobile) and on my computer changed the security level.

Thanks for help!

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I was literally writing the same thing just as you posted your reply :laughing:

I’m glad I helped you! Have a nice time!


myTeamSpeak syncs your data between all devices your logged in with it.

You can also import identities manually on iOS (if needed).
You just have to export your identity on PC and copy the file via. iTunes into your TeamSpeak mobile app.

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Thanks :smiley:

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