Image Sending Bug

I can’t send pictures to any channels. Image indentation does not work, but CTRL + V will paste the image copied to the clipboard. The problem with this is that I can’t even send it because it won’t let me.




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youre on server side chat so where do you expect the image to be uploaded? sending images is only provided in the “myteamspeak chat” or whatever it is called for now.
its basically not a bug but a feature thats not suported yet


But if you can’t send an image in a server-side chat, then why is TeamSpeak inserting the image? This is essentially a bug then.


i would say its a placeholder :slight_smile:

That’s something the user doesn’t care about. The client should figure out the details of how to upload the image or not accept the pasted image in the first place.

So either way, this is a bug. Since the dedicated upload button is missing, they probably forgot to disable drag and drop as well.

However, from a user’s point of view it doesn’t make sense that server side chats don’t support uploads. In the end, it’s just an image tag or link which points to the file and the file itself could be hosted anywhere.

This really shouldn’t depend on the chat message itself being stored in the cloud or not. And they could still require the user to be signed in to myTeamSpeak if they wanted to enforce quotas or something.

Anyhow, please don’t expect users to provide solutions for the usability shortcomings in a software’s design. That’s not a user’s responsibility. We are just pointing out issues. TeamSpeak decides what to do about it.


I dont think the file on server side chat should be hosted “anywhere” but on the server itself. when im uploading images in myteamspeak chat i expect my data to be hold by TeamSpeak Systems, Inc. and not by hoster xyz and just like that the file upload on server side chat should be handled by the server host.

but offcourse I agree with you in all other points

I as a private server host can’t provide upload filters to ensure that no copyrighted or otherwise questionable content is uploaded to my server. Therefore, I had to disable all upload features in order to comply with EU laws.

I can’t imagine that the average server host has the resources to ensure compliance, so I guess EU server hosts have no other option than to rely on big hosting companies which can provide the required filtering technology for user uploads.

And they are probably the only ones who can pay the fines for non-compliance.