Import TS3 bookmarks to TS5


Is there an easy way to import bookmarks from my TS3 client to the new ts5 beta client?

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In the Teamspeak 3 client, press CTRL + B and make sure all your servers/bookmarks are in the “Synchronized” section

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if you have a myteamspeak account then yes look the post above.
Either their is no way to do it.

In the case he doesn’t have an account then he can create them one by one. (No import option). Don’t know if it’s planned for the future either. You can always check the roadmap for updates.

Wait, what? Next please.

Then how is he/she able to access TS5 in first place?

TS5 without myTS account? Nah, something doesn’t count up here.

Or am I wrong?


Yes, you are right. My mistake.

Ahahah that’s true my bad.
good catch