Incompetent staff

As the staff here are extremely incompetent, I will no longer contribute here in any way! Removing a post belonging to Teamspeak (I explained where to contribute translations) for being off-topic and another one of mine for noting why a normal registered user decides I can’t be a translation manager is just ridiculous and incompetent! Too bad, thought at least the TeamSpeak staff could think, but well…

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Just a reminder. Posts can be removed not only by moderators, but also if they are flagged too often by regular users. So blaming the staff may not be the way to go. Also, insulting people for any reason never shows good character.
Giving outright false information may cause users to flag your posts to prevent readers from making erroneous assumptions.
That said, I doubt much will be lost by the lack of your contributions.


You just started the same discussion again.
And @LeonMarcelHD wrote what’s the case, else Staff (you complain about) would’ve corrected him.

So yes removing these flagged posts where the right choice.

At the end we decide who to trust.