Increase Server Slots for Free Servers

It would be beneficial to increase the free server slots to 128 /w 1 virtual server and if users require additional slots and more than 1 virtual servers that can be purchased separately.

If TeamSpeak takes off like Discord did with large followings then this would help users ease into TeamSpeak with free slots then upgrade as necessary. The adoption rate for medium sized communities would be higher.

Also, consider more than 1024 slots per server.

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I dont think this will happen. I’m not official and can only share my humble thoughts though.
Most of the TS-Server costs infrastructure and you might already be aware of it- money. While the software itself is free, the server are profit orientated and free servers are more limited as marketing purpose.
Feel free to correct me if I’m completly mistaken here :slight_smile:

My idea was, if TeamSpeak had more initial free slots then that would allow people to easily adopt TS.

With that, TeamSpeak can make more money from host licenses and large communities that need more slots.

Does you know how make servers free? Just add ads that respect your privacy like Mozilla or Brave does and rewards peoples with some crypto like Brave does.

That help for Free servers.

But yeah! Expand slots may cost more ressources and more money. Is hard to tell if TS will reopen free servers due to how they works. If they reopen free servers they may needs to break some privacy and starting selling your data like Discord does or Google basically. But for better result is better if you buy your own than using free ones if crypted privacy is all you want.

Privacy got a cost and everyone needs to know they may pay to get access to privacy. Your data is the money used to paid data centers. Soo yeah! Is hard to tell about slots and for free servers.

Is like pay premium VPN vs send your data for free VPN wich expose your identity.

Is the thing.