Individual sound modifiyer for the client ((TS5))

My suggestion would be a setting for changing the volume of the server like teamspeak 3. BUT a opportunity to change individual the volume of the server not from the complete TeamSpeak Client.

It would make Teamspeak more comfortable and gives more options to manage the sounds of different server.


oh so you want to have a master volume button.
Not a bad idea , i used to in ts3 :slight_smile:
in any case, you can still adjust the volume in the settings or in windows :slight_smile:


I would be nice if there is a volume button for the current server not for the whole client. That makes more possibilities. Btw sry for my bad english :grin:

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You still have to open up the settings for that and it´s a pain in the ass to do so when you could just access it without opening anything you know :slight_smile: I never adjusted the volume from the settings in TS3 and I hope this feature comes soon since it´s requested for a long time now.

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