Installation Guide: Setup custom soundpack

Since I’d been asked by @Jeeke and some other people- here is a how-to guide on using custom soundpacks in TS Client.

You can use any soundpack of your choice, or even own *.wav if you rename them for your purposes. Im going for an existing TS3 soundpack here:

To understand the why and where, you should know the structure of an .TS3_soundpack file.
It contains a ~**. ini
(which is irrelevant for our use) and~ a folder sounds with a subfolder where the sound files are (**.wav*). For example *.ts3_soundpack>folder1/folder2/*.wav

  1. Download The Soundpack of your choice

  2. Visit the download folder and extract folder2 of the soundpack with an Archive-Program of your choice to C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\html\client_ui\sound

  3. Open C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\html\client_ui\sound and make a backup of the folder default, so you can undo your changes later on. Just leave this copy in the folder C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\html\client_ui\sound as well.

  4. Enter sounds/folder2, select and copy your desired *.wav and insert/ overwrite it into /sounds/default

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We do not recommend to do this.

The program folder will be overwritten at some point (after updates etc.) and then all changes are reverted back to it’s default files.


Fair enough. I’m just saying it’s possible and worked the last 3 updates trough. Any changes can be reverted by the User itself at any point, as long he provided a backup in the process.
The same goes to the application aswell.
My sounds folder contains following folders f. e.:


TeamSpeak reads default alone, not the other folders. Those are meant here for backup only.

It’s quite sad that TeamSpeak 5 has lost support for SoundPacks and other extensions.

One thing I miss most in TS5 is the sound pack feature… :confused:

Great workaround though!

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