Installing TS3 in a classroom - read only configuration

Hello community!

I work at an elementary school in the Czech republic.
I’m currently trying to set up TS3 in a computer lab to equip that room with audio communication - best thing about it, for example, being setting up the channels so that the students are split 2-per-channel and they could work on a task in groups. I hope that you can understand me - english is not my primary language.

In order to prevent the students from modifying TS3 client settings, I can tell the installer to put the configuration into the install directory, thus preventing anyone from making any changes without elevated privileges.

But then another issue arised - now every time I launch TS3 without admin privileges, it complains with an error message saying that the configuration database is read-only and that any changes will be lost. I know that it’s intended behavior, but I’d like to suppress that message somehow.

Is there a command-line option that I could simply add to the TS3 desktop shortcut? An option in the configuration files themselves? Or maybe perhaps this can only be done in the “tournament edition” of Teamspeak? Maybe an INI file? Thanks to TS3 not being very well documented, I can’t figure it out myself.

This project of mine is currently in the planning/testing phases and on hold because of that error message.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Without permission to write settings into client.db (the way you did choose when installing in program files and saying to store settings in client folder) you won’t get around that dialog on start.

We require to be able to read and write the settings.db. Else we the dialog will tell you about.

The only option is to install client again but this time choosing to store settings per user.

Optional you can setup the settings and then place therm in client again and tell your kids to press the ignore button.


Hi, thank you very much for your reply.

Unfortunately, I can’t really imagine the teacher having to explain ±11 year old children:

  1. What all those buttons in the foreign languages do
  2. Press Connect, type in this address and press connect
  3. Ms. Teacher? I clicked something and now it doesn’t work!
  4. Ms. Teacher? I opened the program but it’s showing me some weird stuff (older students changes the bookmark to some other server).

And I would absolutely love any anti-tampering option that would prevent the older students from messing around with the client’s configuration at all. All I need from TS3 is to connect to a server on startup, then the teacher will handle the rest (moving, talk power, etc.).

So, are you saying that something like this is definitely not possible to do in TS3 and that I will have to live with this error message in case we go ahead and fully deploy it? :cry:

That way auto connect and other settings are setup and the only thing to explain is to press the “ignore button”.

Note: In case you plan to setup client once and then copy the settings.db to other machine…

…The client creates a random identity on first start. And with default settings the TS server only allows one connection per identity. To avoid a conflict you may setup each client per computer or set permission i_client_max_clones_uid with a bigger value than 0 in server


Okay, I understand. I hope that it won’t be too hard to explain this to them (students and teachers) (you probably know how this goes if you’ve ever worked (or are currently working) in an IT department. Or, even better, support/helpdesk as you are here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice for cloning the config. I’ll be doing that, along with changing their identities accordingly. I’ve been using TS3 for almost 7 years now, mostly to communicate with my friends while playing games (I host my own server at home on a Raspberry Pi 4 with box64 x86 emulator), so I already know my way around TS3 (still got a lot to learn about the permissions system tho!) pretty well I would say.

One thing though. It might be a good idea to take this thread as a feature request. Last time I was in such a classroom that had a hardware audio solution with headphones for the teacher and for every student which was configured by the teacher on a computer, there was basically a 50/50 chance of it working and not working at all - teachers were angry/stressed, students disappointed. Later, I also learned that this solution cost the school quite a bit of money.

With your rock solid audio communication software, I think there would be a market for TS at schools like this. Here’s an example article talking about the benefits of doing this. Well, maybe not a big one, but still. (And if you’re going to mention the school PCs as being a distraction too, the classroom PC management software will take care of that too by turning off screens and any input devices.)

Have a nice day!