Installing TS3 server as a W10 service

Currently my TS3 server is configured under Startup applications, but the state is rather unreliable, does not always start on booting, and worse sometimes crashes, can never restart it.

Rather, how would I go about configuring as a W10 Service?

In either case, I have a dedicated TS credential under which it runs.

  1. I understand that there is some trickery involved, allowing the service to start after network has been initialized.

  2. But perhaps more importantly, when the server does crash, for whatever reason, to be able to restart the Service, no muss, no fuss.

  3. Or, along similar lines, easily reboot the service when necessary to do so.

Note definitely not starting from ground zero here, already accepted terms, have the key creds, etc, all copied out. Just need to “migrate” if you will to a 1C W10 Service.

Thank you…

So far the best possible guidance I know about, is that the process must be start “after network services are alive and running” on the local system. Or at least seems to be the key instructions via software such as Always Up.