Insufficient permission modify power on i_group_member_add_power / i_group_needed_add_power

Hello everyone,

I am encountering an issue that I can’t find a solution to. I accidently made a edit to the Server Admin group. I lowered the i_group_needed_add_power to 70. Following this, I am no longer able to edit any sort of add power or needed add power of any server group. My i_group_modify_power, i_group_needed_modify_power and i_permission_modify_power are all set to 75, Skip and Grant 75. I can’t login to Server Query (the owner did not save the login) and I would rather not have to reset the teamspeak. If anyone has any alternatives, please let me know. (even copying all the groups and putting them in a new server, etc…)

Ps. Anything involving removal is fine, no matter what I do, I can not reproduce the issue with remove power as I would expect would happen.

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