Insufficient Talk Power

If there is already an topic about that, im sorry to repost it. If there isn’t, here would be one of my suggestions for the new Teamspeak :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if the message with the insufficient talk power wouldn’t stay their for ever because it’s kinda annoying if we need to click on details continuesly if we join a channel where we don’t have talk power granted and press for example “cancel”. Would be much better if we just could have an option where u can say maybe after 30 seconds the message will disappear or somthing like this.


Yes, it’s really annoying sometimes if you idle in a channel for long time.

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I think it is important that this message is displayed somewhere. Pros know their stuff, but newbies don’t. So I like this display - it is permanently visible, but not too big.

I wouldn’t mind if this message will be displayed longer.

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Yeah I know what you mean, for the new ones it would be maybe better to stay permantly. But like already said they could add an optional setting where you can decide if you want to see it permantly or if it should fade away after some seconds.


Click on details and then on cancel to hide the info.

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I know that u can hide it manually but it is really annoying (for me now) if I need to continuesly hide it manually, so it was just an suggestion from me to add an option where u can enable that the message will fade away after a short time ^^


I agree with this, just give us a setting to disable this message. Or maybe only show it once on a new server (or add an option with a tickbox “don’t show again for this channel/server” It’s annoying to have those extra clicks. I know nobody has talk power in our AFK channel, that’s why it is an AFK channel.

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It’s already possible to get rid of the notification if you expand it and hit “Cancel”. It will re-appear when you re-enter the channel tho.


Adding an option like “don’t show again” might make sense, but I don’t think this is super important.


I agree with bySuFFeR and ShadowFax75, please make this happen.