Invalid Parameter for channel creation

I have a server group allowing people to create channels and whenever they do they keep getting ‘Invalid Parameter’ and I do not know why, the following permissions are allowed for this server group;

Create sub-channels
Create permanent channels
Create temporary channels
Create channels with description
Create channels with password
Change channel type to permananent
Change channel type to temporary
Modify channel name
Modify channel topic
Modify channel description
Modify channel password
Modify channel power = 10
Needed channel modify power = 10
Join permanent channels
Join temporary channels

Is there anything else I need??

You should also grant the group the permission to create a channel with an audio codec

  • Opus Voice (b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusvoice = Create Channels with Opus Voice Codec)
  • Opus Music (b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusmusic = Create Channels with Opus Music Codec)

and set the

  • Maximum Codec Quality (i_channel_create_modify_with_codec_maxquality = Create Channels with Max Codec Quality)

to about 6 so that users can talk clearly.

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