"Invalid Parameter Size" error when connecting to ARMA 3 server using TFAR mod

What happens:
The moment I log into the ARMA 3 server to play, I get the “invalid parameter size” error repeatedly in the teamspeak channel. Also, in the same instant, every other client in the channel becomes muted. Right-clicking a client and unmuting works for a fraction of a second, then that client is immediately muted again. If I exit the ARMA server, all clients are suddenly unmuted and I can hear everyone again.

No other clients are having this issue.

I’ve searched for a solution and did find several old threads, but they were either not applicable or not helpful.

I have already made sure that my Teamspeak 3 client, ARMA 3, the TFAR mod, and the TFAR plugin for Teamspeak 3 are all up to date.

Last week I joined the exact same ARMA 3 server with one other player, and we used the same Teamspeak server without issue.

Does anyone have any possible suggestions?

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