Invalid uuid

I’m hosting my own server for development purposes. I want to give myself a role based on a button press with html and php. I got that working. I’m now trying to make the uuid dynamic based on a db record. My own uuid starts with + and ends with =. My friend’s uuid only ends with a = and starts with a normal letter, a.

With my own uuid I get invalid uuid. With my friend’s:
{“body”:[{“cldbid”:“4”,“cluid”:“uuid cut ;)”}],“status”:{“code”:0,“message”:“ok”}}"

This is using the webquery, using telnet both work fine. What am I f’ing up?

Code snippet:

$cliud "+...="; 
$api_call = $ts_api_url . "1/clientgetdbidfromuid?cluid=" . $cluid;
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Make sure the UUID is url encoded.

$api_call = "{$ts_api_url}1/clientgetdbidfromuid?cluid=" . urlencode( $cluid );

Without doing that + will be parsed as space on the endpoint.

This was indeed the solution. Thank you for the fast reply.

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