Invisibility at the time of server entry

hello i would like to hide the join message when i log in i connect to the server how can i do this?โ€™ i look forward to your reply thank you very much :smiley:

If you are the owner of the server you can connect to a channel that no one else has permission to look into. Do you know how to do that?

no, How can it be done?

Click this button, if you are in the channel that is not visible to other people. You know how you can adjust the subscription power right?

ok i solved it pero when i exit the server the message comes out that i exited how can i solve this too?

If you left the channel then you cannot remove the message, but if you are disconnecting in the channel it is not shown to other users.

ok I got it is I solved it pero the users it says (when I disconnect from the channel)

Also is it possible not to do this process but maybe put a permission that you canโ€™t see when you log in/out?

Unfortunately, no that is the best way you can hide your login/logout messages.

ok thank you very much pero one thing when I leave the room that I selected as home it doesnโ€™t come out the word disconnect but it comes out the word I left the channel can you censor the wording somehow?

So you mean that it is also not shown right? If so no that is not possible.

I mean now I hid the entry is the exit but not completely because when I log out from the home it tells the users that I just left the room can you censor this message?

No, as that is what the server chat is for. Tell others what is happening on the Server like who switched to what channel etc.

okay thank you very much you have been very kind :smiley:

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