IOS APP unavailable?

Hello ts community,
yesterday a friend of mine got a new iPhone and transfered his old data onto the new one, but after a bit of time he realised that the ts app wasn’t loading.
He then searched the app store and wasn’t able to find it, the same goes for me. When I search over google I get the link to the app store page but it says that the app is unavailable in my country, which is germany by the way.
So now I wonder what happened to the app and when / if we could see it on the AppStore anytime soon.

(Or maybe if that even is a sign for the new ts app?)

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We are evaluating this.


I have the same issue.
I have TS3 on an old device and I cant find it to install on my new one(same apple account).
I’m using iOS in USA region and I cant find in the apple store.
I’ve tried a link on the browser and it returns “region not available”.
I was thinking maybe TS3 has been removed.
Can I get some help?

We hope it will be available again within the next hours. There is no way around waiting.

Sorry for the circumstances.


Alright. the good news is it’s back. I can access the apple store app screen.

The bad news is it’s asking me to purchase it again.

What’s up with that.


I do not know. Check that you use the right account and your list of bought apps.
The id etc. of the app hasn’t changed. So it the same thing it was before in store.


It‘s back in the App Store :+1:
Thanks for the help.

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