IP Address and Port security

Hi everyone,

I would like to find out if my TeamSpeak server is secure. I have a VPS that runs Ubuntu with Cyberpanel with TeamSpeak running in a docker container. I run websites also on this server. I am able to connect to my TeamSpeak via the IP address like (123.333.444.555) but no port. Is this secure or what should i do to secure it? Would it not be secure if people connecting didn’t specify a port like (123.333.444.555/9987)?

That makes no difference because 9987 is the default TS port. Thus if the user omits :9987 the client assume that 9987 is wanted.
You could only somewhat increase security by not using the default port. But that would basically just be confusing for everyone.

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So in essence it is fine to leave it the way it is and there is no need for editing my firewall for TeamSpeak?

It basebasically make no difference for security reasons to change the port like @Gamer92000 said if you use the standart port you don’t have to specify it as the user teamspeak adds the port automatically.

Okay, thanks for all the help!