IP address change?

I know that this has been talked about and ive done extensive searches on this, all i find is tech talk that the lay person has no clue about.
That said, my internet shut down with my power the other day and my IP changed and now friends and i cannot get into my server. It is not rented, it is my server at my house.
I simply need to know how to plug my new ip in, and if there is a way for TS to automatically change when the ip changes would be cool too. My ip rarely changes so i dont know what happened there.

It is likely that the IP changed when your router restarted after the power outage. Most ISPs assign a random IP from their available range.

You can wither look for a contract with a static IP address from your ISP. This will most likely cost a lot more than your current one as those contracts are usually tailored to business customers.

Alternatively, you can use a DYNDNS service. There are some free options. If your router supports it, you can use it to communicate the current public IP to the DNS server. If not you can install some software doing this on your PC / server.


thanks for the reply,
anyway to use my own ip and just plug it in somewhere in the program?

I don’t really know what your question is.

I don’t recommend connecting via the IP directly as this can change.

If you set up DynDNS you can connect via the domain and let the DynDNS client handle the changing IP address.

I guess my question is "how to change my ip address when mine changes. It rarely changes but when it does I would like to be able to manually change it.
I have no idea about a dyndns

Look here e.g.
Free dynamic DNS | dyndns providers at a glance - IONOS

thanks ill give it a look but im not the sharpest bulb on the tree

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