IPC on Linux (push-to-talk, mute microphone etc.)

Global hotkeys in TeamSpeak 3 don’t work under Wayland on Linux, since each application under Wayland is strictly isolated from each other. When I have Chrome focused, TeamSpeak can’t detect any of my key presses, so things like push-to-talk can’t work.

Is there any way to instruct TeamSpeak 3 to mute or unmute from outside? Either via a command, a signal, D-Bus or anything like that?

Not only would this enable hotkeys in any desktop environment, but it would also open up some awesome new scripting possibilities. For example, a single keypress could mute TeamSpeak 3 and lock the screen.

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Which Linux do you use ?
I have no problem adding global hotkeys in Teamspeak with menu Options / Hotkeys / Add.
(I use Ubuntu 21.04 with the default Wayland)

Do the global hotkeys work even when you have a Wayland window focused?

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