iRig 2 and Teamspeak. When I click on Teamspeak, iRig 2 shuts off with my iPhone


Connecting irig2 to my iphone via lightning cable. Voice memo mic and headphones work; in audio playback programs the headphones work. As soon as I open Teamspeak 3 the blue/green lights on irig 2 shut off. How do I get Teamspeak 3 app on my phone to work with this irig2 setup?

does anyone have any ideas? I’m at an impass.

Do you use the Apple Lightning to AUX Adapter, or do you plugged in your Cable direct into the Sound card?

Please try to use it with an Aux Adapter, eventually TeamSpeak has Problems with the Voice Channels of the Device.

An aux adapter does not help with an iRig device. The iRig plugs directly in through the lightning connector. There is no way to plug the iRig into an aux.

As soon as I turn on Team Speak on my i device, phone or tablet, the app de-activates my external iRig Pre that is plugged in to the lightning port. I want to use an external mic with TeamSpeak, but the program does this strange behaviour. As soon as I close the TeamSpeak app, the iRig becomes connected again.

I need someone to address this, please.


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You are talking about the TS3 mobile app right?

If so, I’m also having weird issues with my external mic, that I plugged into my phone via USB C, It somehow disconnects, as soon as the app is running in the background. Might be an app problem or weird of the OS behaviour.

I’ll try later, to see if it works, when it is plugged in via AUX.

Thanks for your interest. My iphone or ipad have no Aux/headphone out. I can only use the lightning port on the bottom and want to connect an iRig device.


Okay I’ve tested a bit with my setup, and it seems like it does only disconnect if you’ll switch from the settings back to server tree. If you stay the whole time in the settings, it does not disconnect the device.

I tried it with my AUX to USB C adapter, but it does not even get recognised by android itself. If the client looses connection, you need to go to the SettingsAudio settings and then just press save

This does reset your input device and it should work again.

Might be different on IOS but that is the way it works for me on Android

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