Is beta badge codes for TS5 still obtainable in any way?

Hey guys
I am now a disappointed user of discord and being nostalgical of the old times where we could host our servers. I still come on teamspeak website once in a while to see if there’s something new and find out today that a new version of teamspeak was in closed beta testing.
I would be so thankful to obtain a badge code for this beta test, I have two dedicated servers running with ubuntu 18.04 and I want to test the future of gaming chat and I am tired of discord.
So please if a staff member pass by, is it possible to obtain a badge code ?
Thanks in advance
have a nice day

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First off, read this.

Spoiling a bit, I haven’t seen public codes in a while, but maybe after you read that, you’ll understand and will know what to do. Just try.

Oh, and BTW, it’s not ”badge code” per se, but a code that allows you to download TS5 (New TS) Client. It may be impossible to get badge now as seen here, but some people got their badges after date said in the first post, so maybe…


A new wave of registrations will be taking place soon so keep an eye on their social media and community pages. Once this goes live they let everyone know.

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is little dodgy, as some people are saying this for last ~3 months. Or even more.

I don’t know from where you have this info, but of you can give us any link that’s 100% sure, I’ll be very pleased.


Not a Link but a Screenshot. :eyes:


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