IS it possible to use TeamSpeak 3 with VPN?

could you please advise how I can use your VPN with TeamSpeak 3, only with TeamSpeak 3 - one program on my PC

I use PureVPN


VPNs are not supported by TeamSpeak.

  1. Connect to a server location where no restrictions are imposed on using Teamspeak, such as the United States.
  2. Wait for the VPN connection to establish.
  3. Now, launch the Teamspeak app and connect away!

This statement is not relevant!
What people do with their network is their thing and if it works it’s fine.

Back to topic: as long your VPN allows UDP connection you should be fine.


I am not sure if the program you are using supports split tunneling, but this is definitely what you are looking for …

However, this has little to do with the TeamSpeak 3 client and, as far as I know, there is no function and no plugin to enable this via the client itself.

Example: The ProtonVPN program has an extra function in the settings, otherwise you would have to take care of it yourself when you connected.


Split tunneling on ProtonVPN disables the VPN on teamspeak. Instead you can change your protocol to OpenVPN - UDP to have your VPN work on teamspeak aswell