Is possible make a bot to record voice chat?

Hi, whats up?
I’m searching if exist any way record the voice chat of a channel automatically. The idea is that when i have a new match the bot create the room’s to the players and some instance of the bot record the voice chat and save in a file in case there is any report in that match.
Exists any library that permit record the voice? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

i don’t think users would like it.
it smells a bit like spying.
if players have a problem they will be told anyway, no one will like constant observation.


the problem that i want to solve example: is if some player insult to other, the hub organization not have the proof of this. And that is why you say that I want to clarify these communications will only be used by the administration

Even if it’ll be only for administrators, it still might smell fishy. There were multiple examples od various organizations saying ”We don’t spy on anybody. Trust us.” and after some time it appeared that they’re lying.

TeamSpeak is about privacy first, so even if there is such plugin, it may be difficult to obtain.

Well, you can do it, you can inform contestants that you’re recording their voices, but there are two 'what if?'s:

  1. What if someone doesn’t want to be recorded? In singleplayer games it may result in them not taking part in competition, but what about multiplayer games?.. If one player from some team doesn’t want to be recorded and rest of team don’t give a ***, what’re going to do? Ban that team? Don’t allow that one player take part in competition? There are a lot of questions here.

  2. What if someone from administration favors one team or even works with them and is able to hear what other team is talking about? This might sound silly, but in today’s world, worse stuff happen every day.

That’s it for now. Take your time and ask yourself if that’s a good idea after all.


I understand you point of view about this topic, and our user privacy is the most important when we handle user reports. But going from in-game communications to teamspeak is a great improvement that we want to implement, either for ease, improved communication, etc.
And I want to be totally objective with what I am talking about here, we really see it very necessary to have the evidence to be able to make the complaints, and more in a region that lives daily with xenophobia, discrimination and insults (which is what we do not look for in the league and so we want to be extremely careful).
And for this also, if we do not find a way to obtain voice tests, we will surely have the terrible in-game communication again
And I repeat, I understand your point of view regarding the privacy of users, and it is something that we also seek to respect, because it is a very important league for us and we want to grow daily for users and always seek the best for them and what they We seek is to grow professionally, not to throw everything down with cheating, bad attitudes, or some similar attitude. In the same way, I appreciate your comments.