Is there a listening plugin for Teamspeak?


Is there a listening plugin for Teamspeak? If we are listening to a song on Spotify or youtube, Teamspeak will show it. Is it possible?

For Teamspeak 3

Currently there is no plugin with a feature as you mentioned.

Yes there is!
It is barely tested, only works on Windows, currently only supports Spotify (running as the standalone application) and only updates on the server in the active tab. Furthermore you need permissions to set your own description and if you keep skipping songs too often it might mess with the servers spam protection.
Just make sure to enable Spotify in the plugin settings.



Whyy? Dont comic :smiley:

@Gamer92000 Screenshot by Lightshot This is error ?

Nope, it just means that your TeamSpeak is not up to date.

@Gamer92000 Yes I got it. I updated it to the latest version. But I wish it could be more advanced

Tomorrow is my last exam for this semester. I might add some stuff then.

@Gamer92000 This is good news. I wish you success in your exam

I found such a plugin but could not install it. Can someone try to install it?

We could try, but:
It is horribly outdated (latest version from 2013).
It is probably even after patching not compatible.
Relies on proprietary APIs and other access methods that at least for Spotify sure won’t works anymore.
The UI is really not that great to say the least.

But I will nevertheless try to patch it for the current API version.

Here is the patched plugin. It should install but I think it is not working properly.

@Gamer92000 I guess it doesn’t work anymore Doesn’t show the rested song

@Gamer92000 Tnx for your help.

TS3 Hareketli nick Hareketli Afk Statüsü Hareketli Saat - YouTube. Can you check that too? Worked before but no longer works Or my problem :slight_smile:

Nah, not your fault. But this script is rather poorly written. Despite that a few things have changed to make it not work.
But this might be rather easy to fix - might make it usable if I can motivate myself.

This is a simple python script doing more or less what the original one did.
You obviously need python, then the telnet library. The rest is installed with python.
Just make sure to insert the correct API key. You can find it in the settings for the client query plugin.
@TS.ChrisR feel free to split those topics.

@Gamer92000 Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of Python and other matters

@TS.ChrisR I think you need to provide your api key for this file.

@TS.ChrisR hey??

I have no idea why i got mentioned here. The video and question to it tells me nothing.