Is there such a thing as a Teamspeak 5 Server?

Like the title says, I would like to know if there is a TS5 server existing. I know there used to be free TS5 servers you could create like in this video.

I know you can just use a TS3 server with the beta client but are there dedicated servers for TS5?
Or will be in the future?

If there is a server for TS5 what are the differences between a TS5 and TS3 server and how do I set up one?

I’m sorry if these questions were allready asked, but I didn’t find any post in this direction.

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No, there won’t be a new server for TeamSpeak 5. The same server is used as for TeamSpeak 3.


This is no longer true, correct?


Yes. They are working on TeamSpeak 5 Server. :slight_smile:

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Dose any one knows when we will be able to start creating our own servers ?? for ts5

You can actually create your own TeamSpeak 5 Server using Docker.

TeamSpeak-Systems/ts-services: TeamSpeak 5 service collection for docker compose deployments (

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