Is Yatqa safe to use?

safe to use yatqa ?

YatQA is not developed by TeamSpeak, but it’s a really good and above all secure application for query access to TeamSpeak servers. I can recommend it.


thank you

YatQA not a virus right ?

YaTQA is made with Delphi. It is a popular programming language because the applications made with it run on every Windows computer without any requirements. To achieve this, all Delphi applications include some common code. Creators of bad malware detection software might have taken way too common parts of the code to identify some viruses made in Delphi.

Short Answer: YatQa is safe to use. :slight_smile:


thank you <3

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I have been using YatQa for years now and can only recommend it!
Any questions about it, feel free to ask me :slight_smile:


Yes as a 8 year user of it there is nothing better to manage your server from a simple 32 man to 20 300 man hands down the best and only tool id recommend.


same i m using yatqa for meany years now as admin on 2-500 slot serwers and newer got a single problem with it. its safe to us it :slight_smile: