Issue port forwarding teamspeak server

Hello! I am trying to set up a teamspeak server for my community. I have the system that’s running the server with a static IP address through my LAN. And I have set up port forwarding.

Here is my port forwarding setup:

After setting this up, I have gotten my public IP address and tried having a friend connect. They said they got this error:

I then went to my gaming PC and tried to connect, and I got the same error as my friend.

I have set up the following:
Port 30033 as TCP
Port 9987 as UDP
Port 10011 as TCP


So to the best of my knowledge this is correct. And I have had no issues in the past port forwarding.

Thanks in advance!

I have installed it on windows, yes. I was never prompted to allow it to pass through the firewall. So would I have to go into firewall settings on my system and allow the server?

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Thank you for your help! It ended up not being an issue with the firewall. Just a common mistake, had one of the numbers wrong when port forwarding to the PC it was hosted on.