Issue with Renaming One Particular Copied Server Group Permission - does anyone know of how to rectify this issue? It baffles me entirely.

Doesn’t look like this a TS client doing it??

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In this .GIF I’m attempting to change the name of the Server Group to that which I desire although it isn’t enabling me to do so even though there aren’t any other Server Groups of that particular name. Is the only way by which I can resolve this issue resetting the permission system? I’d really prefer finding an alternative as I’ve spent many hours configuring my permission system to perfection which I’ve achieved save this one issue.

What’s the error message popping up if you try to change the name?

I didn’t receive any error prompts if that’s what you mean. The name would simply not change and, instead, an opening and closing parenthesis mark surrounding the numbers which constitute the ID of the particular Server Group would appear; this is shown in the .GIF I linked above.

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