It won't kick me tot the game room

I have a problem that when I login the game I need to be in the game room. It won’t kick me there. I tried everything I deleted ts3 so many times etc. I need help ASAP!!


This title and description make no sense.

Kicks happen from a channel to the Server’s default channel or from server completely.
But not into a room you want to be in.

Also there is no in build feature to get moved top a room. You have to switch / join it manually .
Or use a plugin or tool to get moved.


I play Fivem there is lobby room and game room when u login to the game its automatically sends me to the game room but it won’t happen in me

If this is about the Salty Chat plugin
then please read this or contact their forum / community / support.

The only enlgish result with DNS

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