I've lost my Identity!

Recently I’ve tried to reach a same server from 2 different computers with one account, it didn’t work on the second computer even after i moved my main identity into synced category so i tried to re-login on my first computer, then … boom my identity is gone :frowning: I’v tried a couple of times with new identities and they also got wiped.
i checked the log and it said 502 Bad Gateway, so it is reasonable that sync didn’t work. but why is there no identity duplication or a pop-up whether my identity and bookmarks are synced? I didn’t know that the sync failed! I could of course regain my rights on these servers but this just feels fricking weird.
Also is there a way to recover my identity? I’ve copied the missing identity’s ID but nothing happened after i entered my password into the “Recovery Key” thing.

If the identity is actually gone on the system you created and used it there is nothing you can do as long as you don’t have a backup of the identity file.
The missing notification is less than ideal.
@TS.ChrisR maybe there is something you can do about this to prevent things like this from happening again.