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So i have been outside of country and without computer for 2 years, i recently got back and started playing games again, and i just found out i have a Jedi Badge key in my e-mail, but it says its invalid to claim now, help, i really want it and i am teamspeak client for so many time, is there a way someone could check the key i have and give me a new one pleaseee ? I didnt had computer to claim it for 2 years, i did not knew it was there !


Sorry but there is no way to get this badge any longer. The badge was valid till the end of August 2018.

This text was in the mail you got.

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Same train.

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It says in the email that it expires at the end of August 2018. So no one can get it anymore unfortunately.

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I was wondering why i never received the Teamspeak Jedi badge?..

and How could i join the beta to acces the new teamspeak…?

it expired at the end of August 2018

too late buddy , only 1 hope the social media sites, they hide beta code in the pics, if you lucky you got 1 :slight_smile:

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Please don’t send anyone to our support when we answered here already.
There is no way to get this badge any longer.


Same fate I feel you

So I did receive an email telling me I could redeem the Jedi badge because of my accounts age, well I missed the date, is there a possibility for me to still redeem this badge or was that the one and only time I could’ve gotten it?

Hi @XxArtMonsterxX

unfortunate there is no way that you can get the Jedi badge any longer.
The code only was valid till the end of Aug 2018.


Hi, I forgot all about this, but years ago, I got a code to get the Jedi Icon for TS. I had it, but now it’s gone. I still have my code, but it won’t take it. Any chance on having someone from TS to add it? I can give code here if that’s acceptable or a PM.

There is no way of getting the jedi badge now.
Even if you still have the (unredeemed) code you can’t get it.
It was only redeemable until 30.09.2018​.

I figured that, but thought I applied it and never took. Worth a shot…

Hey! In 2018 I got an email which contains the Teamspeak Jedi Badge code, but I couldn’t reedem. Now, I cant activate the old code, can I get a new code or the badge? Here is some proof:

((or the pictures isnt working:

Sorry but there is no way to get this badge any longer. It was valid till the end of August 2018.

(Topic already exist)

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Oh, im sorry to hear that… Thanks for replying!

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