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So i have been outside of country and without computer for 2 years, i recently got back and started playing games again, and i just found out i have a Jedi Badge key in my e-mail, but it says its invalid to claim now, help, i really want it and i am teamspeak client for so many time, is there a way someone could check the key i have and give me a new one pleaseee ? I didnt had computer to claim it for 2 years, i did not knew it was there !


Sorry but there is no way to get this badge any longer. The badge was valid till the end of August 2018.

Same train.

It says in the email that it expires at the end of August 2018. So no one can get it anymore unfortunately.

I was wondering why i never received the Teamspeak Jedi badge?..

and How could i join the beta to acces the new teamspeakā€¦?

it expired at the end of August 2018

too late buddy , only 1 hope the social media sites, they hide beta code in the pics, if you lucky you got 1 :slight_smile:

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Please donā€™t send anyone to our support when we answered here already.
There is no way to get this badge any longer.


Same fate I feel you

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