[Job] Rank Permissions

Hello! I need help setting up ranks on y teamspeak 3 server. My server isn’t password protected, so I only want guests to be able to join certain channels, and then the rest they need a “Member” tag to be able to join.

I will pay €20 for someone to help me with this.

Add me on Discord to apply: Draxen#8025

Admins if this isn’t allowed to post jobs, feel free to delete this.

You just need to give “i_channel_join_power” something higher than 0 or whatever you want to the groups or members who have the access
And put the restricted channels under “i_channel_needed_join_power” something over 0 and that’s done.
No need to pay for that ^^

For example you make one channel called “4members” with “i_channel_join_power” set the value at 20
Now give the “i_channel_needed_join_power” permission with a value to 20 to members or groups to let them in.

If you want further info i can help you but i personally don’ t use discord.

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