Keybinding to switch Audio devices

In TS3 i could set Audio devices (input/output) to a specific key to switch between them. I Play VR a lot so i often have to switch between my normal speakers/mic and the built in one of the VR headset. Instead of pressing 1 Keybind i now have to go to settings and select everything manual and that sucks when i already put on my VR headset.

Is this possible with the new client? Seems like a pretty important function to me but i can’t find it.
If this isn’t possible PLEASE consider bringing this function back otherwise it would be a massive downgrade from TS3 atleast for me.

Hi @marius151298,

right know i dont think this function is implemented but yet, but eventually in the future, consider its a beta :wink:.

A tipp from me, if you use a SteamVR Headset or you use the SteamVR app.
You can goto Audio Settings and Configure the default device that you normaly use (Headset), when the app is not running or shutting down and the VR Headset itself if you launch the app.
The only thing you need to configure in TeamSpeak is to use the Default Input and Output Device and now it should switch the input and output device when starting the App and when stopping the app.

Greetings :beers: