Language Mistakes [TS3]

Look on screenshot, there are many bugs/mistakes in translation to polish.
-> = should be
na -> przy
Display badge icons on clients. -> Pokazuj odznaki przy klientach.
Display group icons in context menus. -> Wyświetlaj ikony grup w menu kontekstowym.
Hide inaccessible groups in context menus. -> Schowaj niedostępne grupy w menu kontekstowym.
Nicka -> Nicku
Informację o podpowiedzi. -> Podpowiedź

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It’s like this for a looong time by now (or that’s what I remember, using primarily English on every device for ~6-7 years slightly starts to blur what you remember), so why bother?

And even if, you know that our language is, well, rather difficult in that manner.

Also, our user count is kinda small compared to English, German or Spanish. Circa 38M, lets say 6-7M at most may use TS (and that’s getting way overboard). That’s a low number of some language users.

Maybe in TS5 we’ll get better translation, but uhhh…

…maybe try using it in English. It not that hard after a while.

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