Latest server update 3.13.5 broke gametracker and servers board


My servers updated yesterday automatically to the latest 3.13.5 version.

Since that everything works as expected…

Except for gametracker / serversboard / php sever query

Since the update my servers appear as offline everywhere, despite the only thing that was changed is the ts3 update.

I did check the guest permissions and they’re correct, there should be no problem with that.

The severs are joinable and work as expected.

Gametracker even does update the client list, but regardless of that it shows both of my ts3 servers as offline with 0/0 players.

Something definitely went wrong with the update, but I’ve got no idea what’s the problem.

Never had this issue for 5 years of ts3 server updates, until now.

Any ideas?

  • Make sure that the Query port is still opened and active in server (check log 0)
  • Also check that their IP are still on White or allowlist

This is nothing our server does own it’s own!
This only happens when someone does update it manually or you use 3rd party tools.


AFAIK there was absolutely no need to individually enter the IPs into whitelist/allowlist and it used to work great, did something change with this update yesterday?

Moreover I can connect to both servers using query port just as I did before, despite not having my IP entered into whitelist/allowlist.

The whitelist (allowlist) are only needed in case you use multiple query commands in short time.
That was always the case.

Server log is fine and you should be able to connect to raw or ssh ServerQuery.

If you can’t connect to ServerQuery as before the update:
Check the port forwardings and if your machine still has the same IP.


I use LGSM and crontab for automatic updates but seems like something didn’t work as expected this time.


once this is done everything is back to normal.

Really odd, didn’t happen even once for 5 years now and the server did restart since last update, but it works now which is nice.

I made a post about this, after the beta update the requests were sensitive. I had to add all the ip’s from the rankings to the whitelist and it solved.

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You’re right, that really is the solution!

That info I mentioned is irrelevant to the problem, but I can confirm this solved the problem caused by the latest update!

Hello everybody

I have the same problem. I updated my server this morning to 3.13.5, since then my server is shown as offline at gametracker, and I have not made any changes in the whitelist file. is there already a solution?



Yes, fantastic, super quick answer :slight_smile:

Does the server have to be restarted or is it not necessary? I was so that he does this automatically in 5 minute intervals

Yes server should reload the list every 5 minutes.


Many thanks :slight_smile:

A post was split to a new topic: I got questions about the whitelist

There seems to be an issue with the query client. It stopped working after the update to 3.13.5. For example TSViewer[.]com is not able to connect anymore.

You need to add your IP’s to the query witelist. I had the same issue.
It’s just stupid that there is nothing about it in the changelog.


Thanks. Its actually in that file.

But they changed the file from query_ip_whitelist.txt to query_ip_allowlist.txt (file created on 20th May, when it was updated).

Added to query_ip_allowlist.txt, now it works again.

Should have been added to the changelog.

Is query_ip_blacklist.txt changed to query_ip_denylist? No file created yet.

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I mean the allow list :smiley: this changed in 3.13.0 and is in the changelog of that version.
But there is definitly changed something in 3.13.5 which caused this problems.

Why did my comments moved to this Thread? I have my own self coded scripts which were blocked after the update and they were not blocked before. They have nothing to do with gametracker, tsviewer and so on. So there were changes which are not in the Changelog.

I’m fully aware of the flood parameters.

I updated the server keeping the database and keeping the ts3server.ini.

Why would it change the flood parameters…

As I said, adding the IP to allowlist solved the problem.

However a changelog entry for fully removing a deperacted “list” would have been nice.

But we haven’t removed it.

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