Let us do a quick comparison if you guys don't mind

I saw a post on this forum about people asking discord to add Teamspeak features.

Here’s a small Challenge for you all:

Try to compare both discord and Teamspeak and mention unique features of TeamSpeak which discord lacks and vice versa.
The one who mention the most wins.

“Please do not take this post as an offense”

I think the most usefull feature TeamSpeak has and not Discord is the possibility to create Wisp list.
This feature is absolutely awsome when playing with a large number of people (around 20) in order not to have everyone flood the voice chat with things intended to only a subset of users.

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You rely on discord servers, on teamspeak you rely on your own and manage it to your will… all I am gonna say xd

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TeamSpeak for voice chat and DC for a forum…
I have many reason, but I don’t want to list them all.
it is unnecessary to compare these two.
2 different things

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