Light theme

In teamspeak client, the light theme is pretty ungly. The use of blue on white, its just not good. Are you going to change it?

There are dark themes available made by the community. If your on TeamSpeak 3 you can go tools -> Options -> Addons you can install a theme.

Yeah, i know about that, but i mean new teamspeak client.

In TS5 there is also a dark theme. Settings -> Appearance -> Under general there is the option to pick light or dark theme.

Unless I have misunderstood what you want and your asking for them to change the white theme.

I’m using dark theme now, because the light one is ungly. But i would like to use light one, just the blue with white, i don’t like it. Thats why i’m asking if light theme is going to be redesigned.

I mean “Ugly” just tells us you do not like it. But what is against white and blue . do you do not liek the colors or what?

Change it to what? Any suggestion?


My suggestion is to change the blue names to black, lines too, and these "backgrounds’ behind channels, messages,… maybe light grey, im not sure about that, but that blue there doesn’t match the white.

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I agree you with that.

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The light theme has some serious problems:
Some badges are barely vissible

The icons on the bottom of the server tree are really hard to see

The giphy logo is basically not visible

Some of the graph colors got not the best contrast

The contrast between textboxes and background is in some places too low

Some names in the chat are unreadable

I think I could find a lot more, but I hope this shows that the light theme definitely needs attention.


I think the bottom icons from dark mode should be used on light mode and from light mode to dark mode. (idk if in english its called reversed so i wrote it like that)

More of my suggestions:

i know the icons can be bigger, but the setting to do that make bigger everything. The blue feels like ts2.

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