Limit the identities per client on the server

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We have an user who changes identities each time someone mute him, so this new identity won’t be muted. We don’t want to be banning him all the time, that’s why I’m here. I’d like to know if there’s any option to limit the identities of a client, so he can use only, for example, 2 identities.

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You can only set it up that he can just connect once with an identity … or twice; at the same time.

I’ve already done that. But that’s not the problem sadly. If i could only limit a identity per client, for example, by IP or HWID…

You can basically set another limit: Max. Client connections via IP address. Somewhere in YatQA server query you may can change it

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you. Do you know any post in this forum or a YouTube video where this is explained?

  • There is no limitation that a IP can only use one identity.

  • In server you only can limit how many times the same IP can connect to the ServerQuery or how many time one IP can build up a connection at the same time.
    But not for how many times an IP can be connected to the voice server.

  • In your firewall you should be able to limit how many times one IP can connect the same time (please use Google here).

I do not know any but It could be that someone wrote a bot/script with such functionality.


I was actually thinking about this point:


PENDING means it builds up a connection.

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And where can I find that option?

It’s not what you want.
The user will still be able to connect a second time while he is connected already and it isn’t bound to any identity.

To answer the question even when it does not matter to your original question:
You need to use the ServerQuery or WebQuery and change it with the instanceedit command.


I don’t have the permission of ServerQuery. I’ll talk to the provider. Thank you for the responses guys!

As said this won’t solve what you did request! Please do not ignore this!

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I’ve a bit of experience with Node.JS making Discord bots. Is there any kind of API or anything to make it with Javascript and NodeJS? Time ago I looked for it, but got nothing. Only saw PHP bot and it didn’t work for me.

There are (inofficial) java API’s which you can use to create (as example) an ts3 or server query bot which can handle this problem. You gotta search for these API’s, I don’t own them.

Otherwise there’s nothing we can do about this matter.

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I don’t have much experience on Java, but I can give it a try. Ty for the answer!

Another idea, maybe force them to use a TeamSpeak account by banning users not using a [my]TeamSpeak [ID|account]. Much harder to keep making those (Maybe on TS’s account server they restrict the account creation from an IP even), but all the users on your server would need a TeamSpeak account or you would have to add trusted users that do not want to make a TeamSpeak account to a server group that ignores bans.

Should have that option assuming it’s an official TeamSpeak server release, but not sure after the other post of yours.

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